Compassionate Communities

A good quality of life is everyone’s right and everyone’s responsibility.     

The Compassionate Communities approach encourages people to support one another in order to reduce isolation and improve the health and well-being of members of their local community.



It is about recognising that care for one another is everyone’s responsibility and empowering people to create supportive environments and networks in which people can connect, contribute and socialise in the heart of their own community.

At Compton we’re proud to drive forward the Compassionate Communities approach across Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire using our knowledge and expertise to give you the tools and the opportunities to make a real difference to the lives of those living in your community.



There are a number of ways you can help to embed and promote the Compassionate Community approach – either by joining a local organisation as a Compassionate Community volunteer or establish and develop your own Compassionate Community network.


Bereavement Information Hub Volunteer – As a Bereavement information Hub Volunteer you will provide support to people who are dealing with feelings of grief and loss across Wolverhampton. Volunteers will support visitors to talk through their thoughts and feelings as well as sign post visitors to any additional services or information that may be of use. 

Coming Soon: Befriending Volunteer – Befriending is all about combatting isolation and loneliness. As a befriending volunteer, you would visit a person in their home, perhaps for a cup of tea and a chat, or even accompany them to an activity (such as a trip to a café or the theatre). To register your initial interest in this role please email

A community can be anything – the area in which you live, a spiritual community or a group united by mutual interests. Whether you are already part of an established group or business, or you are an individual who wants to make a difference, we want to partner with you create a community that supports each other to live well.


This could be establishing a friendship café to reach out to those who isolated and experiencing loneliness, or a support group for members of the community living with the effects of incurable illness. Whatever the need, our community engagement worker can partner with you to begin to make a real difference.

Compassionate Communities Events


For more information about Compassionate Communities or to find out how you can get involved, please contact the Compassionate Communities team via the online form, or by calling 0300 323 0250.

Want to speak to Compton in person, call us 0300 323 0250