Young people advice

For those who are grieving

There's no right or wrong way

We all experience grief differently

Take the next step, the next minute, the next day… one at a time.


How I feel

It’s OK to be angry and express your anger but don’t hurt yourself or someone else.

It’s OK to feel nothing.

It’s OK to say you need some help to people who love you and ask them questions that are worrying you.

Don’t feel guilty for having fun.

You are not alone.


What can I do to help me feel better?

Do something creative, like colouring or drawing.

Spend time with a pet or animal.

Spend time somewhere that feels comforting.

Meeting up with a friend – being outside in nature can help.


How can we help?

I need support with my symptoms
I need emotional support relating to my diagnosis
I am a carer
I am bereaved
I am a family member/friend
I need emotional support relating to a family member / friend’s diagnosis
I am a young person with a loved one at Compton
I want to refer a family member / friend
A family member / friend is currently on the inpatient unit
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