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Charitable Trusts and Foundations play a huge role in helping to fund our palliative and end of life care and support services for patients and their families living in Wolverhampton, the Black Country, South Staffordshire and east Shropshire.  

Thanks to some amazing people, grant-makers have: 

  • Made patients comfortable with new equipment such as new beds and mattresses
  • Comforted a bereaved child through paying for a dedicated Child & Young People Support Worker
  • Created a project helping patients avoid unwanted hospital admissions by providing support at home 

Every grant makes a difference regardless of size, whether it’s for adaptive cutlery to help patients eat independently or to pay for a service to run for an entire year. 

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Here’s how you could support Compton Care

£1,100 Syringe driver


 A syringe driver is a small pump that is used to deliver medication directly into the body through an IV needle which is left in place in the arm, leg or tummyThis little device is a painless vital and life changing bit of medical kit, which allows people to live independent lives as they can be mobile whilst still receiving medication and not have to check in with a doctor or be disturbed if they are sleeping.   

£10,000 Art Therapy


A form of psychotherapy offers both emotional and psychological support during a difficult timeWorking with a qualified art therapist, patients make use of different materials and discover the art of making as they explore their thoughts and feelings through the work that they create. 

£25,000 Care Home support


Provide support to care home residents with visits by our team of Clinical Nurse Specialists and skilled paramedic team. The team provide specialist palliative care, advice and support, and will ensure patients’ ReSPECT plans are completed, enabling residents and their family members or carers the opportunity to talk about their wishes, such as how and where they would like to be treatedLast year this project made 4,098 community visits and reduced unwanted admissions to hospital by 80 a month, helping people spend their final days in the place of their choice.

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If you’re a Trustee or a representative of a Trust and are interested in supporting Compton Care, we’d love to hear from you and you’d be most welcome to join us for a guided look around. 

Please contact our Trusts Fundraising Team on or get in touch by calling 0300 323 0250. 

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Are you able to join a Compton Care event, volunteer  in one of our Compton Care shops or play our Lottery? Without your continued support, it wouldn’t be possible for us to provide our palliative care and bereavement support services, free of charge, to our patients and their loved ones.