Your data safety is extremely important to us at Compton Care

General Data Protection Regulation

Importance of Data

At Compton Care the safety of your data is extremely important to us, and data protection continues to be one of our top priorities.

If you would like further information about data protection, please contact our Data Protection Officer, on, or by calling 0300 323 0250.

Access to Health Records Request 

Current data protection legislations grant individuals the right of access to their personal data, which includes information held in health and social care records.

At Compton we’re passionate about respecting your data protection access rights, but they can be a little complex.  So, we’ve listed a few questions you might have about this process and your rights which we hope you will find both informative and helpful.  However, if you have any further questions that are not answered here, please feel free to ask your healthcare professional at any time or email our Data Protection Officer at

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect and process from you, how we collect it, who we share it with, and why we do so. It also explains the steps we use to keep your data secure.