Sally’s Sahara Scoop! 🐪

Are you tempted to sign up to our Sahara Trek but want to know more about what it involves? That’s understandable – it’s a big adventure after all!

Luckily, our very own Sally Woods, Community Fundraiser, actually took part in our last Sahara Trek back in 2005. We decided to put some questions to her that may help you decide!

Sally in the desert circa ’05

Hi Sally! So how tough is the trek – really?

“Quite tough, in terms of you are walking for long periods during the day and it can be hot. However, the group walks at the pace of the slowest in the group, and there are as many rest stops as you need. You do get a good break at lunch time. The terrain can take some getting used to!”

What’s the travelling like?

“Travelling was all good as we travelled together, and normally your Different Travel rep meets you at the departure airport and travels with you. We were met in Morocco and transported to our hotel to drop off our bags and kit that we wouldn’t need during the trek and then we were off! Transport to the start point is safe but basic! No springy seats or good suspension!”

What sort of clothing would you recommend?

“Good, comfy, broken-in walking boots! Don’t wear brand-new ones as you will get blisters. Take trekking trousers (that can be zipped off to make shorts) and some warm tops. It can get cold in the evenings as there is no cloud cover so a long sleeved thermal top is useful.”

What are the must-have items to take with you?

“Lip balm, wet wipes and a camera. Plus a pair of flip flops for the evening as once you have taken off your walking boots, you won’t want to put them back on until morning!”

Are the local guides helpful?

“The local guides are great. They have expert knowledge of the sahara and can all speak English. They are friendly and like to learn a lot from you too! A gift of a spare t-shirt or baseball cap as a thank you always goes down a treat!”

What was the best bit about taking part in the trek?

“Being part of a group of people all wanting to achieve something and raise funds. Everyone has a story to share and people become friends for life.”

Why do it for Compton?

“Your fundraising will ensure local people get the support they need to live their best life possible. That might be staying at home and being supported by a Community Nurse Specialist, visiting our Living Well centre for activities, advice and companionship, or receiving specialist care on our Inpatient Unit to relieve symptoms and improve pain management. We provide all of this free of charge to our patients and their families.”

Top three things you should definitely try when you’re there?

“Sleeping outside your tent, under the stars (it’s cold so bring some warm clothing), running down some huge sand dunes (without falling over as I did!) and a camel ride.”

The 2005 group

For full details about the Sahara Trek, taking place on 17th November 2022, please click here

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