Lynda’s Story

“People think Compton Care is a last resort but it’s not. It’s only the beginning because it makes you start living again,” says patient Lynda Jones.

“I thought that Compton was just about death but when I came to the Day Therapies Centre I realised it’s not a place for dying, it’s a place for living.”

Lynda has been attending our Day Therapies Centre for the last 3 weeks. Before she was referred to Compton she felt down, anxious and worried about her future. However she now credits the Compton with ‘bringing her back to life.’

She comments: “Before coming to Compton I was sat at home feeling really down struggling to come to terms with my illness. I was panicky and anxious but coming here has helped me to start living again.

“Being with people in similar situations who are happy and carrying on with life makes you positive and want to do the same. I am constantly laughing with the other patients and everyone is so friendly. Yes we have an illness but we aren’t on our own and we’re living for the moment.

“Every Wednesday I come to Compton and that’s my special day just for me. It’s great, it’s brought me back to life. I’m back to being Lynda again.”

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