Claire’s Story

Claire Barlow’s Mum Brenda, visits our Compton Care Day Therapies Centre every Friday. Whilst Brenda receives care and support from our dedicated staff and volunteers, Claire is able to relax knowing that her Mum is being looked after.

She comments: “Compton has helped to settle my anxiety and put my mind at ease. I know that Mum is being looked after, which enables me to carry on working and not have to worry about her.

“Compton has also been there for me to talk to and offload about my own worries. You don’t always want to offload on your friends or family and I don’t want to make Mum worry and that’s where Compton Care has been a great source of support.”

Since Brenda came under Compton’s care, Claire has also been offered support from our Supportive Care Team and has received complementary therapies to try and help her relax.

She added: “Before Mum was referred to Compton I didn’t know support was available for family members. A cancer diagnosis like Mum’s takes its toll on everyone, not just the patient. However, because I’m not the one who is ill, I didn’t feel like I could complain or ask for help, my feelings and anxiety weren’t as important as what Mum was going through.

“I now have reflexology at Compton and before any session, I sit and have a chat with the reflexologist about how I am feeling and to check if I need any extra support, which is great. There’s a genuine care for the family.

“Compton has helped to make our lives that little bit less stressful. It’s 24-hour support for all of the family. I know that I can call or visit the social work team or the complementary therapy team and talk to them and they will instantly put my mind at ease.”

Speak to Compton in person, call us on 0300 323 0250