We need your help to complete the transformation

Home Away from Home Appeal

How your support helps

Our Home Away from Home Appeal is nearing its final phase, and your support is crucial in completing the transformation of all 18 rooms on our Inpatient Unit into sanctuaries of solace and support for patients and their families.

While significant progress has been made, with 11 rooms already complete, we urgently need your help to finish the remaining rooms.

Creating sanctuaries of care and compassion

Our renovated inpatient rooms exude a warm, homely ambiance, fostering trust and relaxation for patients transitioning from home or hospital settings. Thoughtfully designed with neutral tones and minimalist decor, these rooms evoke a therapeutic sense of tranquillity. Patients are encouraged to personalise their space with cherished belongings, further enhancing the sense of being a “home away from home.”

Equipped with amenities like smart TVs and iPads, patients can stay connected with loved ones and enjoy their favourite entertainment. Additionally, translation apps facilitate communication for patients speaking different languages, ensuring they feel understood and supported.

A Personal Connection: Helen's Story

Helen, the daughter of one of our beloved patients, witnessed first-hand the difference these transformed rooms can make.

This appeal holds particular significance for me, as my dear mum, Sue, was lovingly cared for at Compton. I have personally witnessed the impact that these transformed rooms can have on patients and their families. Inspired by my mother’s experience, my family and I took action, raising funds to equip each room with small fridge/freezers. It’s amazing how seemingly small gestures can create a homely experience amid challenging circumstances.

Hear from Helen and learn more about her story.

The generosity of supporters has already touched countless lives within our local community. Together, we can ensure that every individual finds comfort, dignity, and peace — a home away from home — during their most challenging moments.

Helen and her mum, Sue

By supporting our Home Away from Home Appeal, you are investing in the comfort, dignity, and quality of life of individuals and families facing life limiting illnesses. Your generosity will have a lasting impact, providing a sanctuary of specialist care and compassion for those who need it most.

Thank you so much if you’ve already donated to this Appeal but there’s still time to give. Please consider making a donation today, if you can, to help us complete the remaining rooms.

Your donation, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference to those cared for by Compton.

You can donate online below or call us on 0300 323 0250.