If you feel that yourself or a family member would benefit from the support of Compton Care, please contact your GP, District Nurse or another healthcare professional to start the referral process. 

Thank you for contacting us about referring a patient to Compton Care. This is the first step in enquiring as to whether we're the right place to support your patient through their complex or incurable illness.

Please fill in our referral form, and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. If your referral is urgent, please contact us on 0300 323 0250.

Please note, at this time we're only able to accept referrals from healthcare professionals.

At Compton, we're committed to providing accessible specialist palliative and end of life care and support of the highest standard, to our patients and their loved ones.

Once a patient has been referred to us, they're able to access all of our services, both clinical and nonclinical, including inpatient care, care in the home, day therapies, supportive care and lymphoedema care.

Our care is available to patients and their loved ones in Wolverhampton, Dudley, Walsall, Sandwell, South Staffordshire and East Shropshire, however, not all of our services are available in all catchment areas. 

To see what's available in your area, please click here. 

Our care can be tailored to suit your patient's needs, with services covering varied locations. 

Our specialist teams provide care within the community, during the day and night times, or patients can visit our main site. 

For inpatient care, day therapies, physiotherapy, counselling, complementary therapies and social work you'll find us at 4 Compton Road West, Wolverhampton, WV3 9DH. We can even help your patients with their travel arrangements too and from their appointments with us, if they need it. 

In order to be referred to us, patients will need to be living within the catchment area for the specified service, and will need to be over 18 years of age.

All referrals to Compton must be made with the knowledge and expressed consent of the patient, and they must be diagnosed with a complex, or incurable illness. to be able to access our support. 

We can also provide support for patients with complex physical, psychosocial and/or spiritual needs caused by the effects of the illness. We can also offer this support to the family members and carers of our patients. 

Referrals to Compton must be made by Healthcare Professionals and need to be supported by up to date, relevant clinical information. 

To refer, the below form must be filled in, in full, incomplete referrals will be returned, lengthening the referral process for the patient. 

All referrals are assessed on weekday mornings to ensure that patients meet the referral criteria and that the services are offered based on need.

If you consider a referral to be urgent, please follow up the referral form with a telephone call to 0845 225 5497. during working hours, please ask for 'medical secretaries', outside of normal hours, your call will be transferred to a healthcare professional. Non-urgent referrals will be contacted as soon as possible.

For Day Therapy referrals, a risk assessment will also need to be completed. 

Patients can be discharged from Compton if:

  • The patient no longer meets the referral criteria
  • The patient declines the service that is offered
  • There is no further scope to impact on the patients need
  • The patients place of care has changed 
  • The patient has achieved what it is that they set out to
  • The patient has improved and no longer requires the service

Want to speak to Compton in person, call us 0300 323 0250