Team Run DMP’s Story

We’re extremely lucky to have truly extraordinary supporters who constantly challenge themselves in the name of raising funds for Compton.

Dave, Matt and Paul, otherwise known as Run DMP, are less than 6 weeks away from taking on the Virgin Money London Marathon with the aim of raising an incredible £4,000 to enable us to continue to provide care and support to those living with the effects of complex and incurable illnesses.

The three, who met through college and football have both personal and professional connections with Compton and are passionate about championing our work.

This year will be Matt’s second time completing the London Marathon “Although the training is grueling the day itself is fantastic. I try to do 4 runs a week which can be hard with work, a wife and a toddler. The hardest part at the moment is getting up early every weekend, so I’ll look forward to some lie-ins once it’s over.

“It has been really fun running some of the runs that Dave plans though, including a run through a 3km tunnel under Dudley.”

Paul said of the training “I really enjoy the intensity of it all. I’ve been running for a couple of years, but never to the point where I’m doing close to 100km a week. We’ve tried to keep it varied, like getting the train into Birmingham and then running back home to Stourbridge.”

The group, who’s marathon journey started with a group text from Dave stating that it ‘looked like fun’ have held numerous other fundraising events in the run up to the day itself.

Dave said of their fundraising “We’ve held a raffle and have has a charity football game that raised over £300. In the coming weeks we have some more items that have been kindly donated to raffle/auction off. I’m also hosting a samosa and bake sale in my office, a Grand National Sweepstake and we have a weekly office scratch card to raise funds.

“Initially you find yourself treading carefully and trying not to annoy people with constant plugging, but now I’m in full fundraising mode there’s no escape for family, friends and colleagues.”

Paul added “The marathon is the big one isn’t it. One of those big life goals that has the most oomph when it comes to fundraising. You tell people you’re doing a marathon and they think you’re admirable and mad in equal measure.”

The group are hoping to complete the marathon in under 4 hours but will be more than happy just to make it round in one piece having enjoyed the experience.

“As Matt and Paul have both said, the real achievement is getting around and finishing. Then the real race, the race for a pint can start!”

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