Ranveer’s Story

Ranveer has been a volunteer at Compton for the last 3 years.

When her children had grown up, she wanted to do something positive with her free time and so decided to apply to join our 350 strong team of volunteers.

“I wanted to do something positive, and so decided to apply to be a volunteer at Compton.

“Originally I just wanted to work in one of the charity shops, but after looking over my CV and seeing my past experience, it was suggested that I volunteer my time in the Day Centre.”

Ranveer has a degree in Fine Art, and has also lectured in the subject, and so now puts her creative skills to good use helping patients with arts and crafts activities, during their weekly visits to Compton.

“I’m a creative person, so when volunteering in the Day Centre and helping out with arts and crafts sessions was mentioned, it seemed like the perfect match. I really enjoy helping the patients with their own individual projects.”

Ranveer lives local to Compton, and after serving as Mayoress of Wolverhampton in 2009, wanted to continue spending her time supporting local charities.

“I think that Compton is a great place, you’d think that it was all doom and gloom, but it isn’t at all, it’s such a happy place to be.

I’d advise anyone to volunteer here, it’s such a positive experience. I love it because I get to meet and spend time with different people, outside of my usual circle. You really feel appreciated when you give your time to Compton, everyone here is so grateful, it’s a lovely place to be.”

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