Punita’s Story

I love celebrating all the different festivals because they are a way of sharing and being happy and coming together. For me, Christmas is about surrounding myself with the people that I love.

This Christmas I’m looking forward to going to my daughter’s house where we will have a nice home cooked meal together and we’ll share presents.

Coming to Compton Day Therapies Centre has meant I have started to do crafts again, and I have been spending time making cards for all of my family. Each card is different and I can’t wait to give them to my family on Christmas day.

Compton has helped me to find myself again, it has brought so much happiness and more life into me. There are so many things I used to do before, but I stopped doing them because I got ill. And yet now, I am doing them again, in fact I am doing more than ever! And that’s because of Compton.

I enjoy my life now and I can’t wait to enjoy Christmas this year with my family.

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