Maudeline’s story

Maudeline Laird

Maudeline has been attending our Day Therapies Centre since June, and looks forward to her visits every week.

“I always look forward to my Friday visits. I enjoy coming because I love meeting new people, both service users and the staff, who’re all wonderful.

“Visiting the Day Therapies Centre gives me a chance to get out of the house. Every week here is different, there are so many activities and different elements to Compton that I didn’t know about before I was referred.”

Maudeline is always getting involved with something during her visits to the centre, from making floral wreaths to learning to use a spinning wheel. She’s even nearly finished all of her Christmas shopping thanks to her weekly visits to our onsite charity shop.

“I’m always learning new things from Compton, things that I can take away and teach to others. I attend another over 50’s group, so I teach them the crafts that I’ve learnt at the Day Therapies Centre.

When she was first referred, Maudeline was apprehensive about accessing care from Compton.

“I didn’t know what it was like or what to expect, but I gave it a go. It’s amazing, it’s lovely, it really is a pleasure to come!”

“A representative from Compton is coming to my over 50’s group to tell the others about all of the services, because lots of people think the worst when they’re referred here, they only think of one thing, but there are so many elements. I’ve been, I’ve seen, and I’ve tasted… so don’t be scared!

“Every Friday morning I’m eagerly waiting at the door for my driver to arrive, I just love coming!”

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