Kuldip’s Story

At Compton, we’re always blown away by the dedication of our supporters, and none more so than with Kuldip, who recently completed the ASICS Manchester Marathon in aid of us.

After spending the winter months training hard in preparation for the marathon, nothing could prepare Kuldip for what he would experience when the day came.

“I developed a virus on Friday night whilst in Wolverhampton; but I set off for Manchester as we had a hotel booked thinking I would be ok. I didn’t eat most of Saturday, just dry toast and the odd sweet. I was sick all night and had awful sweats and my wife begged me not to run.

“I couldn’t digest any food or drink so basically ran on an empty stomach.  Despite all this I was ok, for the first 15miles; on schedule for a sub 4 hour finish, but then my body started to shut down. I was totally dehydrated, the lack of water in my system cost me dearly and I had dizzy spells which made me stop every now and again; I developed severe cramps and threw up all the rest of the way”

Despite being extremely unwell and suffering from severe dehydration, Kuldip completed the marathon in an incredible 5 hours.

“The one thing that got me around, was the thought of not letting down my family and friends who had given so generously in support of Compton. Had it not been for them, would and should have given up.”

Kuldip’s sheer grit and determination saw him cross the line having raised around £3,000, three times his original target funding the equivalent of 15 visits from a Compton Nurse Specialist to a patient receiving care in the comfort of their own home.

“I love Compton and will always do what I can for your cause; hopefully the monies raised will help those who need it the most.”

Without supporters like Kuldip who truly go above and beyond in their fundraising for Compton, we wouldn’t be able to provide care and support to people living with the effects of complex and incurable illnesses, free of charge.

A huge thank you to Kuldip for his support and determination. You are extraordinary.

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