Congratulations on your 40th anniversary year. I will always be grateful to Compton Care, although to be honest I didn’t easily agree to my mom coming into the hospice in her last few weeks as I felt I had let go of her care. What I learnt was that I had to trust others to help us through the last final part of the journey… it was the most heartbreaking part of my life.

My mom had battled breast cancer and then later had an MRI scan which revealed two brain tumours, one of which was operated on in February 1994. Her breast cancer nurse at New Cross Hospital was Rachel Overfield and she even came to visit my mom in her final weeks at Compton. So 28 years later, to see Rachel as your CEO, I can vouch that you are in safe hands, especially through these challenging times.

While taking part in Fit4Compton during January 2022, I have had so much support from family and friends as they have all been touched by the wonderful work you undertake. I shall continue to raise funds for the 40th celebration year and into the future, to ensure that this amazing charity continues to be able to support many more people and families.”

Karen and her two daughters at Oystermouth Bay beach, where Karen completed some of her 40km walk as part of Fit4Compton

Karen’s mum, June

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