Jonathan’s story

National Carers Week - Jonathan Compton's clinical Fwellow

Jonathan has been a Clinical Fellow at Compton for just over 2 months, having joined us in December on a 6-month placement.

He hopes to gain more experience in the field of palliative care during his time with us.

He said: “A typical day working on Compton’s Inpatient Unit usually begins with a ward meeting at 9am where we discuss the previous night shift, and the patients currently staying with us.

“Working in two teams, myself and clinical staff will then see patients throughout the course of the morning through to the afternoon, when we will begin working on admissions for new patients coming in.

“Sometimes people are understandably anxious about coming to our Inpatient Unit so I try to reassure them as much as possible and put them at ease. The key thing I’d want people to know is simply that we’re here for you.”

Once his role at Compton ends in June, Jonathan hopes to get further experience in acute oncology.

He added: “I feel like acute oncology really links with palliative care and for me, palliative care is a speciality in which I feel most comfortable and fulfilled. I feel like I’m able to help not just patients but also their families at such a vulnerable time in their lives.

“The job can be emotionally challenging but the care you can give to people is priceless. The work that you do is so important, and you really feel valued and like you are making a difference.

“Everyone I’ve met at Compton really cares. The organisation and the work it does really is invaluable.”

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