Jean’s Story

Jean Timmins has been supported by Compton’s Lymphoedema Team for five years after being diagnosed with the condition in her right arm.

Since her initial diagnosis, Jean has since been given a special treatment plan, which includes massage and exercises as well as support and advice to help her to manage her condition.

She comments: “When I developed Lymphoedema in my right arm I was referred to Compton’s Lymphoedema Team and I honestly cannot praise them enough. The nurses have been fantastic at easing my discomfort and worries.

“I have not only been given a treatment plan to follow, I’ve also been given advice and support which has enabled me to manage my condition at home. The team continue to monitor my Lymphoedema and I visit the centre for occasional maintenance when I am able to use a machine which massages my arm to reduce the swelling.

“If it weren’t for Compton’s Lymphoedema team I would be lost. I would be in pain and unable to manage my Lymphoedema. The nurses have equipped me with the knowledge to manage and take control of my condition and I know they are always there for me when I need them.”

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