Connie’s Story

“I am so unbelievably thankful for the support, compassion and reassurance Compton gave me during the last weeks of my granddad’s life.

“They gave me strength as a granddaughter and as a nurse to provide love and care to my granddad during a time where I felt exhausted, scared and full of grief.

“Compton encouraged us to embrace life, and this meant that granddad was able to celebrate his 83rd birthday, have a final trip outside in the autumn sunshine and have all his friends and family visit him before it was too late.

“They enabled him to come to terms with his illness and ensured that he was empowered to make decisions about his death.

“But most importantly, Compton gave him time. The nurses listened to his stories, allowed him to serenade them and treated him like the man he was, not the man that cancer had consumed.

“Thanks to the guidance of Compton, Granddad died peacefully at our home, in warm familiar surroundings, with his favourite music playing and with his devoted family surrounding him.

“We feel so lucky to have been able to have Grandad at home, and that’s all thanks to Compton.”

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