Terms & Conditions


Please click here for the Compton Care Lottery Terms and Conditions. Below is the content table of the Compton Care Lottery Terms and Conditions.

These T&Cs are detailed, with legislation/compliance/policies/guidance sheets/standard operating procedures sitting beneath each section where relevant and appropriate. Please note that these T&Cs are subject to change, with any major changes being communicated to players 28 days in advance.

Sections covered are:

A. What is the Compton Care Lottery and how does it work.

B. Marketing Materials and access to information

C. How to play

D. Prizes

E. How the winners are chosen

F. Claiming a Prize from a winning ticket purchased through shops and venues

G. Protection of customer funds & Anti Money Laundering

H. Change of Personal Details

I. Cancellation

J. Special Event Lottery Raffles and SuperDraws

K. Data Protection

L. Responsible Gambling and Self Exclusion

M. Dispute Resolution and complaints

N. Training

General Notes

Clinical Enquiries: 01902 774570, General Enquiries: 0300 323 0250.