Charlotte points at a board in her school uniform

Schools Fundraising

Striving to provide opportunities for the young people that support us.


Partnering with a local charity to fundraise is about more than shaking a donation tin.

Education is a huge part of the work that we do at Compton Care. Whether it’s at our in house Learning and Development Centre, or out in the community, education is key to enabling us to change the misconceptions surrounding our work.

Through our continued work with young people, we understand that fundraising can provide our extraordinary supporters with ample opportunities to develop vital skills such as: how to work as a team, plan and organise an event, communicate with different audiences and learn how to budget, amongst various other transferable skills such as; teamwork, learning empathy, timekeeping and problem solving.

Our schools programmes complement the national curriculum and are specifically designed to empower young people to become active members of their local communities, help them to build confidence and give them the tools that they need for their futures.

There are lots of ways you and your school can support us including:

Our fundraising team can arrange a visit to discuss how you can get involved, and our lesson plans and packs are available to download here.


We can give talks in assemblies or come into your lessons to discuss what we do, and its importance to the people of your community. We can tailor our talks to your requirements or can work with smaller groups of students for a more interactive way of learning.

For more information about fundraising for schools, contact our fundraising team or call 0300 323 0250, or, if you've already done your fundraising, you can pay in your sponsorship money here.

Speak to Compton in person, call us on 0300 323 0250