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Fundraise by doing what you love so that Brenda can continue to do what she loves.

I’m Brenda and I’m currently living with incurable cancer. But that doesn’t stop me doing the things that I love the most.


You see, being diagnosed with an incurable illness can sometimes feel like it’s something you become defined by. People see or talk about the illness first.

But with Compton Care, its different. Compton see me for me, they treat me like a person and like the Brenda I always have been. They give me everything I need to continue living life. They’re there if I need advice or a bit of emotional support, and they also help with managing my cancer symptoms. I’m also able to visit their Day Centre once a week, which has helped to build my confidence.

They’ve helped me to see that I’m so much more than my cancer. I’m a mum, a grandma and a friend. I enjoy reading, but most of all, I love gardening. I really do have green fingers, whenever I get the chance I am out in the garden.

Compton see me as more than my diagnosis. They help me continue to be me.

That's why I'd like to ask you to join the #CMuchMore campaign.


Brenda #CMuchMore campaign photo with quote 'I'm more than my cancer. I love to garden.'

Turn your passions into pounds this summer
to fund care for people living with incurable conditions.

#CMuchMore campaign ways to get involved - Cuppa for Compton

Cuppa for Compton

Do you love to get together with friends and family over a cuppa and a slice of cake?
Then why not hold your very own ‘Cuppa for Compton’ event at home, work or school? Charge your guests per cup or slice, or simply ask for donations.

Get in touch to receive your free Cuppa for Compton pack which includes helpful hints and yummy recipes.

#CMuchMore campaign ways to get involved - Big night in

Big Night In

Hold your very own ‘Big Night In’ with friends, family or colleagues. Whether its a games evening, wine and cheese night or a good old girly film fest, simply ask your guests to donate what they would have spent on going out.

We can even provide you with a ‘Big Night In’ fundraising pack to get you started.

#CMuchMore campaign ways to get involved - Use your talents

Use your Talents 

Can you sing? Play football? Paint? Whatever your talent, why not turn it into pounds?

Hold a sponsored football match, an office karaoke contest or auction off your sketches. We can provide you with Compton collection tins and banners to really make your event stand out.

#CMuchMore campaign ways to get involved - #CMuchMore than my suit

#CMuchMore than my Suit

Tired of wearing that stuffy corporate suit? Why not come to the office in the clothes that
show the real you.

Whether it’s gym wear, fishing gear, a feather boa or ripped jeans, choose clothes that show everyone who you truly are and make a donation for the privilege!

#CMuchMore campaign ways to get involved - Do your own thing

Do your own Thing 

Perhaps you have your own unique fundraising idea?

Our Compton Fundraising team can offer help and support you as you turn your plans into a reality.

Remember, with every mile walked, every cake sold, and every coin collected this summer, you’ll be helping local people living with incurable illnesses access the support they need to live their best life possible.

For more information about how you can join in with our #CMuchMore campaign, please contact us by emailing fundraising@comptoncare.org.uk, or by calling 0300 323 0250. To see how other supporters are getting involved and to get some inspiration for your own fundraiser, read our #CMuchMore stories here.

Speak to Compton in person, call us on 0300 323 0250