You and your family may choose to collect donations at your loved ones funeral, wake, or ask for donations in lieu of funeral flowers.

We can provide you with suitable in memory envelopes and a collection box, where you can insert a favourite photo of your loved one at the front.

Our envelopes allow eligible individuals to Gift Aid their donations, ensuring that monies raised in your loved ones name, go even further.

Please use this contact form, email or call the fundraising team on 0300 323 0250 to request your envelopes and collection box. Please remember to tell us the full name of the person that you are collecting in memory of.

We kindly ask for any cheque donations to be made payable to ‘Compton Care’.

If easier for you, your chosen funeral director can collect on your behalf on the day of the funeral - they will then forward to us at Compton Care.

Once received, we will send you a thank you letter or email showing the total raised, which you can share with your friends, family and all those that contributed.

Tribute Funds

Please see below to search for or contribute towards an existing Tribute Fund.

Clinical Enquiries: 01902 774570, General Enquiries: 0300 323 0250.