Remembering Loved Ones

Whether your loved one received our care as a patient or simply admired our work from afar, a donation in their memory is a lasting tribute.

Marking the memory of someone special is a positive way for those left behind to show their love for that person. It can be an important part of the grieving process.

Many people chose to donate in memory of their loved one, as a way to pay tribute to their life, as well as show their love and appreciation for the doctors, nurses and support staff here at Compton Care.

Donating in memory of your loved one helps to ensure we will be here for the next family that needs us.

Ways to give in memory


Create a Tribute Page Collect donations at a funeral or in lieu of flowers Place an engraved Memory Lock in our Garden of Reflection Set up a regular donation in the name of your loved one

Search for a tribute fund

Family 1

The family of Mrs Jhamat felt it a fitting and positive tribute to make a kind donation. 

“To show our utmost appreciation as a family we felt it only right to give back to Compton Care, especially with the nurses in mind. Our donation is to thank them for their presence, listening ear, phone calls and support during our Mother’s illness. The team that visited Mum in the comfort of her own home, gave us just as much support as they did Mum. They gave us the peace of mind that we needed to make sure that we were doing the very best for Mum. The nurses really do a wonderful, heartfelt job. I don’t know where we’d have been without them.”

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