Things might seem a little overwhelming at first, and that's where your Compton Care partners can help. 

Serious illness can impact on many aspects of your life, including areas that you wouldn't expect or necessarily think of yourself.

You might benefit from the support of our social work team, who'll partner with you to address practical issues or concerns that you may have around employment, home adaptations, benefits, housing, children and future care planning.

We can help with the things that might seem a little daunting at first, including applications for benefits and home adaptations, sourcing equipment and speaking with other care providers.

Your care partner can help to fill in forms and liaise with other healthcare providers on your behalf. We're here to take away the burden, and support you with the things that might not cross your mind.

Every terminal diagnosis is different, and at Compton, we pride ourselves on our ability to treat you as an individual.

You have other commitments and so our team of qualified and registered social workers are there for you, your loved ones, and your carers, at a time that is convenient for you.

We work within your local community and so will visit you in your home if you’d rather, or, if you already access other services here at Compton, we can arrange appointments with you during your visits.

Partner with our supportive care team to enhance your life as you face your most challenging moments. We work with adults and children, and can offer emotional, psychological and practical support.

You can come to us when any difficult issues arise, we have a good knowledge of local authority systems, health care services and legal structures. Whilst we aim to support in whatever way you need, we can signpost you to external services if we feel that you would benefit from them.

We can also provide assistance with the challenging conversations that often accompany terminal illnesses. Our experienced team can provide you with advice and guidance for telling your friends and family about your condition, or, can be on hand to be a part of these conversations if you need us to be.

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Accessing support

Our social workers receive referrals from our inpatient unit, hospital consultants, GPs, MacMillan Nurses and District Nurses as well as our own Clinical Nurse Specialists, Occupational Therapists and staff in our day centre.

To find out more about how our team can support you, please get in contact with us by calling 0300 323 0250.

Want to speak to Compton in person, call us 0300 323 0250