Complementary Therapies

Taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

As well as providing the very best clinical care, through our Living Well Service we also offer you the opportunity to access a series of complementary therapies.

Complementary therapies can be used alongside conventional medical treatment to improve your physical and emotional health.

Our experienced staff will talk you through the different therapies available and together you’ll create a plan of treatments based on your individual needs.


It is important to know that any complementary therapy treatment is not a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

Complementary Therapy treatments are delivered by our team of experienced therapists and take place in our dedicated therapy rooms at our Compton Hall site.

Our therapy rooms offer a quiet and calm space for you to rest, relax and enjoy your treatment. If you are a patient accessing our Living Well Service this service is available to you or alternatively if you are staying on our Inpatient Unit a number of treatments can be brought to you in your room.

Some of our treatments will include the use of oils and creams including essential oils, carrier oils, foot balm, hand cream. Please be sure to let us know should you have any allergies to or prefer not to use any of these products.

How to access complementary therapies

If you think complementary therapies would be beneficial to you, and you're already accessing our services, your care partner can refer you to our complementary therapy team.

You'll be individually assessed by us, and we'll then work together with you to ensure that you get the most from your sessions.

Clinical Enquiries: 01902 774570, General Enquiries: 0300 323 0250.