What is Art Therapy?

It's not always easy to discuss our deepest feelings, and we don't always want to talk about our difficult experiences with someone else. Art therapy uses a range of materials to help express and work through thoughts, feelings and experiences, in a creative way.

Art Therapy, a form of psychotherapy, offers you both emotional and psychological support during your most difficult times. Work with a qualified art therapist who'll help you to make use of materials, discover the process of art making and support you, as you explore your thoughts and feelings through the images that you create.

You don't need to be an expert to feel the benefits of art therapy. It isn’t about creating pieces of art for public display, unless you want to of course. Your work is for you only, and will not be judged or labelled as good or bad.

Your therapy sessions are bespoke to you. You can use the time to talk through your thoughts and feelings or can have some quite time to reflect.


What can art therapy help with?

Art therapy should be enjoyable and relaxing, and a creative outlet for you to express yourself. It's known to help with:

  • Coping with loss, change and uncertainty
  • Reducing feelings of anxiety, stress and depression
  • Relief from emotional and physical pain
  • Prompting discussion
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How can I access art therapy?

You can access Art Therapy if you're under the care of Compton as either a patient, or a friend or family member.

Sessions are delivered here at Compton Hall, either on a one to one basis, or as part of a group setting.

For more information please call 0300 323 0350 or contact us by email on arttherapy@comptoncare.org.uk.

Want to speak to Compton in person, call us 0300 323 0250