Compton Care responds to 2018 PLACE Assessment

Published recently on NHS digital are the results of Compton Care’s rating in our recent Patient Lead Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE). The assessment is compulsory for all NHS buildings however we at Compton Care take part on a voluntary basis as an independent healthcare provider with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients, families, visitors, staff and volunteers.

The results of the PLACE assessment, completed earlier this year, highlighted the need for improvements to be made to the ‘condition, appearance and maintenance’ of our buildings.

We welcome the feedback from the Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE), particularly in light of the fact that Compton Care conducted our own survey last year. Our survey consulted patients as well as staff, volunteers and the health and social care professionals who refer patients into our services of which the findings were similar. The feedback suggested there is a strong need for modernisation and upgrading of both services and our buildings and the necessary investment has been agreed by our Board of Trustees.

As Compton Care, our services are focused on caring for people living with and managing a broad range of long term progressive conditions. It is, of course, important to us that patients cared for at our two service sites have the best facilities. Approximately 70% of our patients are cared for in the community, wherever those patients call home, however we do run 9 services from our Compton Hall and Cedars sites and those facilities need to be fit for purpose for the future. This is, of course, challenging with our historical Grade 2 listed buildings but we have a strategy to meet that challenge and work has already started on the Compton Hall site.

Our new 3 year strategy has been developed from patient, staff and referrer feedback and includes a comprehensive buildings upgrade plan, including an investment of £4.5m into the improvement of our services and facilities. Our Coordination Centre project, which started earlier this month, will greatly enhance the care and support available to patients. The refurbishment also includes an overhaul of the reception facility at Compton Hall, new toilets throughout the old part of the building and refurbishment of our kitchen and dining facilities. All of this work will improve the facilities and address the challenges highlighted from our own findings as well as the PLACE assessment.

It is important to note that PLACE assessments are mandatory for NHS Trusts but they are not specially designed for independent healthcare providers and are therefore entirely voluntary for charities like Compton Care. At Compton, we have chosen to undertake the assessment as we believe it is best practice to engage with patients about our facilities and this complements our ethos and internal procedures for ensuring safety, cleanliness and effectiveness. Our patients tell us that Compton Care’s patient services are extraordinary and we are working hard to ensure all our buildings meet the same high standards.

Claire Marshall

Chief Executive

Clinical Enquiries: 01902 774570, General Enquiries: 0300 323 0250.