Our staff are making this Christmas matter!

As we begin to look forward to the big day and the visit from the jolly man in the big red suit, it’s so easy to get caught up in the festive shopping hype and forget what is often referred to as ‘the true meaning of Christmas’.

As part of our campaign this year, we’ve been asking our supporters how they’re going to make this Christmas matter – What would you do if this Christmas was your last? The wonderful Emma Purshouse, Poet Laureate for the City of Wolverhampton, even created a spoken word poem for us (which can be viewed in her video performance below), using responses from Compton staff and patients.

To help us get into the spirit of things a little more in these turbulent times, we decided to ask some more of our staff members about what they’re looking forward to this year. Here’s what they said…


“The most important aspect of Christmas for me is to spending time with family, decorating the tree, eating all the food you can eat, seeing all the beautiful decorations and listening to Christmas music.  Christmas Day is the one day of the year that we all spend together as a family having fun and creating memories.  After not having a “real” Christmas for the past two years, this Christmas will be extra special.” – Jayne Stanier, Retail Support Assistant 

“My Christmas plan is to have lots of hugs and cuddles with my little cheeky 5 year old! I love twinning by wearing the same clothes as him so when he’s 18 he will look back at the photos and be embarrassed!” – Paz Heer, Digital Marketing Officer 

“Possibly not a very modern take in this busy world we live in, but I always pause for the Queen’s speech; it reconnects me to family Christmases, my Nan shushing the room when we were children in order for Her Majesty to be heard. I hear the echos of the “shhhhh” and repeat them now in my own household! Our dinner is timed to be completed, the floor covered in wrapping paper, washing up still to be done, but we have a 10 minute pause to hear the Queen, a pause to reflect, a pause to celebrate my Nan, for Christmas and traditions.” – Tricia Evans, Clinical Lead for Community and Care Coordination 

“This is a picture of my brother Rich and me on Christmas Day last year, both of us trying not show our double chins while filling our faces with turkey dinner.  We all waited so long to be with our loved ones, it makes me a bit teary remembering – we took the kids to see grandparents but we had to stay in the garden and keep metres away to try keep them safe! For me, Christmas is about family, food, kids making a mess and me doing NOTHING but relaxing all day!” – Jenny Warren, Clinical Lead for Inpatient and Living Well Services 

(also pictured below is Jen’s long-suffering cat, Max, who loves being dressed up, as you can tell!)

“My wife and I are looking forward to spending Christmas with her Grandma and immediate family in Essex, as her Grandma has not been well lately and is quite frail.” – Oliver Biggs, Senior IT and Data Security Engineer 

“One thing I love about Christmas is a good carol service; whether that’s raising our voices together by candlelight in church (and being really jealous of those who can do the descant of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”) to gathering in the local high street on Christmas Eve full of festive spirit(s), bathed in the glow of magical Christmas lights to sing raucously about Figgy Pudding. Plus, there always seems to be free wine, hot chestnuts and mince pies involved which is always a bonus!” – Sue Guest, Early Career Pathway Coordinator 

Let’s not forget our amazing clinical staff, chefs, support and domestic staff who will be working around the clock this festive period, helping to make this Christmas matter for our patients and their families.

How will you be making this Christmas matter? Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #MakeThisChristmasMatter

Merry Christmas from all of us at Compton!

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