Meet Compton’s Mascot, Custard!

Compton's mascot, Custard, a big fluffy bear wearing grey Compton scrubs, standing outside of Compton Hall's main building
Custard’s Story

There once was a little yellow bear named Custard. He wore a stripy jumper and lived at Vernon Lodge Preparatory School. He had lived there for many years and had lots of friends.

One day, Custard decided he wanted to redecorate and rename the school he lived in. He got out his favourite colours, green, white and a deep grey. The school was renamed to Stretton Lodge Day Nursery and Pre-School and Custard welcomed lots of excited children and friends to learn lots of exciting new things at the newly revamped school.

Custard noticed there was a big bear sitting by himself. “Hello, big bear!” Custard said, “what’s your name?”
The big bear shrugged with sadness and said “I don’t have one yet.”
Custard gasped! “Is it Compton? That’s what it says on your top.”
The big bear responded sadly, “No, but that’s where my family have lived for 40 years.”
Custard was shocked and exclaimed “40 years? That’s how old I am!”
The big bear continued to share how his family were celebrating 40 years of caring for people with incurable conditions and providing support to their loved ones too. An intrigued Custard sat and listened intently to the big bear share lots of lovely stories about all the wonderful patients, families, staff and volunteers that the big bear had met while being at Compton.
“I know!” exclaimed Custard. “As I’m 40 years old and have lived here for 40 years and you are celebrating the 40th birthday of Compton Care, why don’t you share my name and we can both be called Custard?”
“Are you sure?” questioned the big bear.
“Absolutely” Custard said happily nodding.

The big bear’s eyes lit up. “I have a name! I have a name! I am Custard the Compton Care bear” the big bear said while excitedly dancing around. “Thank you for sharing your name with me, I love it,” said the big bear.
“You’re welcome.” Custard said with a smile before introducing the big bear to all his friends at the school.

And the two Custards and all of the children and staff lived happily ever after.

Compton's mascot, Custard is a big fluffy beige bear wearing Compton Care grey scrubs
The real story of how our mascot was named Custard.

Our Compton Care bear has been named Custard by Stretton Lodge Day Nursery and Pre-School. We love the story of how the children of Stretton Lodge chose the winning name, so we thought we’d share it.

Stretton Lodge was once known as Vernon Lodge Preparatory School and they had a little, yellow teddy bear in a stripy jumper named Custard. Little Custard was their beloved mascot and is believed to be almost 40 years old now. When the school became Stretton Lodge, Custard was gifted to them by the previous school.

All the children at Stretton Lodge decided that, as we were looking for a name for our Compton Care bear during the year of our 40th birthday, it would be great to give it the name Custard to coincide with the name of their little bear.

Congratulations to all the children and staff at Stretton Lodge Day Nursery and Pre-School for choosing the winning name for our mascot. Compton’s bear Custard loved meeting you all and is delighted with the new name.

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