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Celebrating countless moments of care.

This year marks 40 years of Compton providing countless moments of care and support to families across the region who have been affected by incurable illnesses.

Since supporting our first patient in January 1982, we’ve had the privilege of being part of thousands of people’s palliative care journeys.

Providing people with the care, support, and tools they need to live a good quality life, as well as being there for families and loved ones throughout the duration of a person’s illness and beyond, has been at the heart of everything we do since day one.

Over the last four decades we’ve provided medical and clinical support to help ensure people are as pain free as possible and manage the physical changes to their bodies. We’ve helped families negotiate finances, care plans and all the lifestyle and environmental changes that come with a terminal diagnosis. And we’ve offered emotional and spiritual support to patients and families, providing a safe and personalised space for people to cope with the circumstances they find themselves in.

We do all of this with the aim of making life a little easier and aspire to help families find a little peace in every day.

Celebrate with us

We’d love for you to join our 40th birthday celebrations, here’s how you can get involved:

We’re honoured to have been part of countless special moments care over the last 40 years, some of which we’ll be sharing over the next 12 months with you. If you’ve been touched by the work of Compton and would like to share your story, please visit this page or email marketing@comptoncare.org.uk

We have a series of 40th birthday events and activities spanning the whole of 2022, and you’re all invited!

We cannot provide the care and support to people living with incurable conditions without your ongoing support. Please help us to continue to give the gift of care by making a donation today.

Clinical Enquiries: 01902 774570, General Enquiries: 0300 323 0250.